Spirometry, yes please

Spirometry is the lungs’ check-up Spirometry is a simple test which is used to measure the air that each individual […]


HomeCare, YES please

We need now, more than everm greater accessibility to tools that allow us to personally assess our state of health […]


Oxymetry, Yes Please

Everyone, not just doctors, knows how important it is to be aware of her or his body weight, temperature, heart […]

Clinical Insights

Interpreting results with GLI-2012 using Z-score and LLN

In the four years that it took the Global Lung Function Initiative (GLI) to finish its mission, with the support of six large international respiratory societies, a collaborative network was established that spanned the world.

The network included clinicians, researchers, technicians, IT engineers and manufacturers. The objective was to derive reference equations for spirometry that covered as many ethnic groups as possible, and an age range from pre-school children to old age.

This Clinical Insight will guide you to the undestanding of the standard deviation and this NEW method of comparison MEASURED vs PREDICTED in Spirometry: the Z-Score and the LLN. Download it now.

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